Ashdown ABM EVO IV 300w 1X15" Neo Cab, 8 ohm

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Manufacturer Part #:  ABM-115H-PN
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Based on what we have learned over the years we decided to take the NEO speaker back to the drawing board, we have designed a number of custom drivers in the past but generally steered clear of using neodymium magnets in favor of our friendly but heavy ferrite magnet, now given the opportunity to go back to the drawing board with our acoustic engineers and testing facilities we have created 3 stunning all new BLUE LINE PRO NEO speakers a 10, 12 and 15”. Pairing the tens into an all-new poplar ply designed enclosure with an interchangeable grill (a cloth grill option is available in Silver or Red). Braced and wadded to ensure no unwanted resonant frequencies the ABM-210H PRO NEO is a 300 watt powerful compact cabinet featuring a three way variable high frequency horn selectable via the 3 way rocker switch located on the universal Ashdown back plate on the rear of the cab. Sealed to deliver powerful attack and clear definition as well as lower bass frequencies. Looking at the popularity of our cab offering and that of others on the market 12” speakers have made some what of a revival in the bass market over recent years opting for a more vintage feel but delivering a full range of frequencies. The 12 is a great speaker added to our new compact poplar ply enclosure with high frequency horn unit it is truly a very versatile cab rated at 300watts at 8ohms. We couldn’t launch a range of bass cabs without looking at a 15” speaker so once again looking at everything that makes a great 15 it needs power and a wide range of frequencies. Our NEW PRO NEO BLUE LINE 15” speaker is efficient in its design to ensure it delivers a full range of frequencies as a stand alone cabinet but yet compliment an additional cabinet to bolster your stage presence. Rated at 300 watts at 8 Ohms the ABM-115H PRO NEO is a fantastic addition to the line up.
  • Size: H: 520mm(inc feet) W: 505mm D: 345mm
  • Weight: 17kg
  • Watts: 300
  • Impedance: 8 Ohms
  • Speakers: 1 x 15” BLUE LINE PRO NEO
  • Horn: 3 Way Variable HF Driver

Model: ABM-115H-PN
Manufacturer: Ashdown

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